Electrical Equipment Services

Our refurbished electrical equipment organization provides a wide range of electrical equipment services to clients in Southwestern Ontario, a perfect solution for the following types of electrical products:

  • Motor controls: Pump panels, motor starters, contact kits, coils, contactors, and motor control centre lineups, sections and buckets
  • CTs and PTs
  • Distribution equipment and accessories (indoor and outdoor rated, 240V, 480V, 600V and high voltage up to 115 KV)
  • Circuit breakers: Vacuum type, molded case, "gas/SF6 type", air, parts and accessories
  • Fusible and non-fusible disconnects: Panel mount switches, bolted pressure and load break switches (metal enclosed / pole mount), and automatic and manual transfer switches
  • Starters, contactors, and relays
  • Busway and bus plugs: Fusible and breaker type, bus duct, tap boxes, end caps, parts and accessories
  • Lightning arresters
  • Transformers in various styles, kVA sizes, and types (liquid filled or dry)
  • Towers and pole switches
  • Capacitors and splitters
  • Switchboards, panel boards, and load centres
  • Low to high voltage electrical components
  • Many other types of obsolete, excess, or used electrical equipment

Our electrical equipment services are performed by fully insured and certified technicians who assist companies operating in the industrial and commercial sectors of Southwestern Ontario, and include:

Electrical Equipment Rentals / Leasing

3L2R offers short-term new and refurbished electrical equipment rentals for all of your temporary power equipment needs. For long-term use, our leasing service is a great way to add much needed new or used electrical equipment to your electrical system without tying up large capital. Our electrical equipment rentals / leasing services incorporate new and refurbished electrical equipment that has been tested, reconditioned, warranted, and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Electrical Equipment Repair

Rely on 3L2R for all of your electrical equipment repair needs. Our refurbished electrical equipment team will inspect and test your electrical equipment and quickly provide you a quote for effective electrical equipment repair services and parts.

Electrical Equipment Decommissioning

Our electrical equipment decommissioning services can save time, money, and the environment. By evaluating, dismantling, and removing electrical products that are no longer required for service, our refurbished electrical equipment professionals can provide you reasonable compensation.

Electrical Equipment Disposal

Perfect for any type of industrial or commercial facility, our environmentally friendly electrical equipment disposal service will safetly reduct unwanted electrical equipment. Our refurbished electrical equipment specialists will responsibly dispose of your electrical equipment at our facility, and will develop an electrical equipment disposal program for your organization.

Electrical Equipment Modification / Refurbishment

When you need to implement electrical expansions or upgrades, 3L2R is capable of designing and constructing unique electrical solutions that will meet your company's needs. All electrical products will be tested, CSA approved, and warrantied to requirements and specifications. Trust our electrical equipment modification / refurbishment service to prolong the life of your existing electrical system for it to function at full capacity.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our electrical equipment services will deliver you all the help you need from trusted professionals. To learn more about us and our electrical equipment services, or our other services, contact our company. Feel free to also inquire about our refurbished electrical equipment sales and purchase services in Canada and the U.S. Our refurbished electrical equipment includes:

  • Capacitors
  • Contactors and starters
  • Breakers and disconnects
  • Bus ducts and plugs
  • Splitters
  • Transformers
  • Load and air break switches
  • Panel boards / load centres
  • Fusing
  • Lightning arresters
  • Other electrical equipment

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3L2R is a leader in the Canadian and U.S. electrical supply industry in the sale, rental, lease, and purchase of refurbished electrical equipment. Depend on us for custom solutions involving new and pre-owned electrical equipment including high quality transformers, fusing, capacitors, breakers and disconnects, splitters, and more. With years of collective experience, we also offer Southwestern Ontario clients reliable electrical equipment services and a myriad of other services. For all your low, medium, or high voltage power requirements in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Buffalo, Syracuse, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, or other cities, trust 3L2R!

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